Swimming pools

Claverton International has specialized in the building, installing and maintaining of concrete swimming pools, both commercial and domestic, since 1991. Our numerous completed projects across the country and abroad attest to our professionalism, dedication to technical and aesthetic perfection and, to our ability to incorporate our clients’ ideas and desires.


We provide each client with a construction project so our construction team, or our customer’s preferred construction company have all the necessary information with which to construct the pool. We work in conjunction with the construction team on every level of development so as to eliminate any problems and ensure our clients a problem-free experience of their pool.


We believe we can maximize our clients’ enjoyment of their pools if we can create them so that they resemble their lifestyles. Therefore, we also offer fountains, rockeries, slides, waterfalls and other various water entertainments so as to individualize your space of recreation and relaxation.

For the interior of the pool we use glass ceramic tiles. We also offer bording tiles for the perimeter of the pool. In addition to the full basic technical equipment containing filters, pumps, lighting, piping necessary for a swimming pool to be put into use, we also offer automatic water levelers, heat exchangers, electric heaters, solar covers winter covers and more.

Pool maintenance

Claverton International offers several subscription options for the maintenance of our clients’ pools. Subscriptions can include weekly, monthly or seasonal visits.

Gallery Pools

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